Lexi's Vets

These are the Doctors and Practices that care for and have treated Lexi from day one and continue to see her through her miracoulous recovery. We feel so blessed that these caring groups of people are as determined as we are for Lexi to live life to the fullest!

Salty Paws Veterinary Care

Meredith, along with her skilled team, is the Primary Care Provider for Lexi and all of our family's four-legged children!

Salty Paws Website


Lext spent the first 64 hours after her accident here under intense observation. We have this team to thank for quickly attending to Lexi's head trauma, saving her from severe Brain Damage.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

Dr. Rachel Song, VMD, MS, DACVIM is the incredible neurosurgeon who, along with her dedicated team, sucessfully performed the Dorsal Laminectomy on Lexi.

Rhode Island's first and only full service veterinary rehabilitation center is where Lexi gets Acupunture Therapy, Therapeutic Laser Treatment, and Hydro-Treadmill Therapy.